5 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

Healthy gums are not only critical for your oral health, but they are also important for the health and wellness of the rest of your body, too. Keeping your gums healthy doesn’t have to be a hassle. Continue reading to learn 5 simple ways to keep your gums healthy and reduce your risk of developing conditions like gum disease and heart disease.

Regular Dental Cleanings

Healthy gums start with healthy teeth, which is why regular dental cleanings are so important for oral health. The American Dental Association recommends all children and adults have professional dental cleanings at least 2x every year. During regular dental cleanings, your hygienist will clean your teeth and remove any tartar or plaque that has built up. Receiving professional dental cleanings will help keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy. Schedule your dental cleaning today with the experts at Your Community Dental!


Brushing your teeth at home at least 2x every day with fluoride toothpaste is easy to keep your oral health in check. Your gum health is closely tied to the health of your teeth, which is why it’s so important to brush your teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste helps prevent cavities, promotes gum health, and even helps prevent conditions like gum disease and heart disease. This healthy habit will benefit your overall health for years to come.


Flossing at least 2x every day is just as important as brushing your teeth. Regular flossing removes food debris, prevents the buildup of tartar and plaque, and helps prevent cavities between your teeth. If you dislike traditional flossing, consider water flossing with a device that ejects streams of water in between your teeth. Whether you choose traditional floss or water floss, make sure you are flossing at least 2x every day for optimal gum and oral health.

Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco products can be detrimental to your oral health, especially gum health. Smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco all increase your risk of developing serious oral health conditions like enamel erosion, gingivitis, heart disease, and even oral cancer. Eliminating tobacco consumption is a great way to save your oral health from extensive damage.

Antimicrobial Mouthwash

Antimicrobial mouthwash is a simple, yet highly effective way to care for your gum health. These mouthwashes do exactly what the name suggests–they reduce the number of microbes and bacteria in your mouth. Not only does antimicrobial mouthwash help prevent tooth decay, but it is also formulated to target disease-causing bacteria. Warding off bad bacteria will help your gums be as healthy as possible.

Bonus: Eating Healthy

Eating a healthy diet benefits your overall health and wellness, including your oral health. Diets low in sugar have been shown to decrease your risk of cavities and other health conditions. Eating a healthy diet and following the rest of these tips will help keep your gums healthy, clean, and free from disease!

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