The Alkaline Diet May Be The Secret Diet For Better Oral Health!

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At Your Community Dental, we make it a point to stay up to date on all the hottest trends. Lately, there’s been some buzz about a new diet: an alkaline diet. An alkaline diet is essentially a diet that is low in acidic foods and high in alkaline foods. Alkaline foods are foods that have a pH level between 7, a neutral pH, and 14. The benefits of an alkaline diet to your overall health are great but it is also a great way to protect your oral health as well.

Many chronic illnesses have been linked with highly acidic diets. This is because creating an acidic environment allows bacteria and decay to grow. This can cause many health problems over time. In particular, an acidic diet can be the cause of chronic inflammation which in turn causes more health problems. Your body does a good job of maintaining its pH balance naturally, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your body out. By eating an alkaline diet, you can take some stress off of you internal organs and support the overall function of your body’s processes.

Most important is the benefit of an alkaline diet on your oral health. Too much acid in foods will wear away the calcium and enamel of your teeth and once it’s gone, it’s gone. The loss of enamel can be the cause of tooth sensitivity and cavities. You’ve definitely heard that dark sodas are bad for you but they are especially bad for your teeth because the phosphoric acid in soda is what wears down your enamel. The standard American diet is full of processed foods, like sugar and dairy, which are highly acidic. But it is possible to start eating more alkaline foods and enjoy them!

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Alkaline foods are mostly raw or unprocessed. Think of it as having a colorful diet because most alkaline foods come in a variety of colors. Some great alkaline foods include:

  • Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Beans, lentils, and quinoa
  • Oils and fats
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Hummus and tahini

A fun fact: Citrus fruits are very acidic and can damage tooth enamel, but they actually become alkaline after they’ve been digested. Citrus fruits should be consumed in moderation and you should rinse your mouth with water afterwards to protect your teeth.

Some foods with high acidity, you should avoid or limit include:

  • Processed foods
  • Grains
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • Meats and fish
  • Saturated fat and vegetable oil

At Your Community Dental, our goal is to keep your teeth happy and healthy. If you have more questions about how an alkaline diet can affect your oral health or it’s time for a dental cleaning, schedule an appointment with us today.