Your Community Dental Has A Lot To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving!

Gobble, Gobble! The holiday of giving is here and it is time to celebrate. Here at Your Community Dental we cannot wait to spend quality time with people we love, eat a lot of yummy holiday foods, and watch some football. Like many Thanksgivings before and those to come, our office as a lot to give thanks for.

This year has been full of some wonderful memories; there’s been non-stop excitement and our office has been packed with many of our wonderful patients. We could not be more thankful for such a wonderful dental family and such loyal patients. Our office would like to share with you what makes our office fun, our patients amazing, and how grateful for them we are this Thanksgiving.

Dr. Williams, Your Community Dental, Wilmington

Dr. Williams is thankful for his fan club presidents. He says, “It is always a pleasure to see these beautiful ladies.”

Jennifer,  Your Community Dental, Wilmington

We are thankful for Jennifer’s beautiful smile and helpfulness????

Nichole,  Your Community Dental, Wilmington

We are thankful for Nicole’s great sense of humor ????


“I Am Thankful for my children and wonderful husband and lots of chocolate.” – Beverly

“I am thankful for my kids. They are my saving grace.” –Nicole

“I am thankful for my amazing family.” –Ashley

“I am Thankful for my son and family.” –Nicole

“I am Thankful for my family! Without my kids, I don’t know where I would be.” –Maria

“I am Thankful for my wonderful husband.” –Kayla


Every thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for. One thing our entire office can agree on is how thankful we are for our patients, our incredible dental family, and our rewarding careers. Working at Your Community Dental is truly a blessing. We have some of the most knowledgeable and professional dentists and some of the most caring and friendly staff. Missy and Dr. Don Brown are absolutely amazing and make working at Your Community Dental fun and fulfilling.  Our office sees you as large part of our lives; our patients are truly special to us and it is important that we share how grateful we are. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and don’t forget to brush and floss after eating your turkey meal. After the holiday, schedule an appointment with us at Your Community Dental.