Dentures provide replacement for missing teeth. Dentures can be full or partial and are removable.

This section of our website is about Complete Dentures. For more information on removable or fixed partial dentures available at Wilmington’s Brown and Associates, please see our Fixed tab.

Complete dentures come in two forms, immediate and conventional.

Immediate Dentures, as their name suggests, are ready as soon as all teeth have been removed. This allows our patients to never have to appear without teeth, even while their mouths are still healing from the extractions. However, since these dentures cannot be fit as well as conventional dentures, we recommend them only as a temporary solution until traditional dentures can be fitted and put in place. This process generally takes about eight to twelve weeks.

Percentage of Adults Age 65 and Over that have Untreated Tooth Decay in Permanent Teeth

There are a few steps to making a Conventional Denture that take place in a series of appointments. First, we measure and make impressions of our patients’ jaws, and see how they fit together. Next, we make exact replicas of the denture for the patient in order to ensure the best possible color, shape and fit. Then, we cast the final denture. Once it is in place, we make adjustments as necessary. It is natural for a newly placed denture to feel slightly uncomfortable at first, but after a few weeks, if discomfort persists, a patient should return to have the denture adjusted until the fit is perfect.

Many patients find eating and speaking to be a bit awkward after a new denture is put in, but with a little practice, our patients get back to normal in short order. If eating and speaking continue to be awkward or difficult, patients should schedule an appointment to have the denture checked and readjusted if necessary.

It is also important to remember that regardless of age and tooth situation, the mouth is always changing; so if after a few years, a denture becomes uncomfortable, ill-fitting or sores start to develop, patients need to come in as soon as possible for an assessment. The denture may just need some readjusting, or it may be time for an entirely new denture. Wearing dentures that do not fit right are not only uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing but they can cause damage to your mouth.

If you are considering dentures for yourself or a loved one, please set up an appointment at Your Community Dental, Brown and Associates by calling (910) 342-9210. We can select the perfect color and shape to provide an amazing, comfortable fit and a natural looking smile.

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