Restoring Smiles with Same-Day Dentures at Your Community Dental

At Your Community Dental, we proudly offer a wide range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to the residents of Wilmington, NC. Among our comprehensive services, same-day dentures stand out as a quick and effective solution for many patients needing to replace missing teeth.

What Are Same-Day Dentures?

Similar to dental implants and dental bridges, dentures restore the form and function of your mouth by replacing multiple missing teeth. Dentures are cost-effective, making them an accessible option for many patients. Not replacing missing teeth can lead to further dental issues, such as the deterioration of bone structure and facial aesthetics, which ultimately may be more costly and complicated to treat.

Understanding Dentures

Dentures are dental prosthetics used to replace either all teeth in one or both arches or just a few missing teeth in a specific area. Tooth loss can be distressing, whether it results from health issues, poor oral hygiene, or accidents. Dentures offer a wonderful way to restore your smile. Typically removable, they are easy to clean and maintain.

If you are a candidate for same-day dentures, your dentist may fabricate a denture for immediate placement following your extraction surgery. If immediate dentures are not feasible, your dentures will be fitted once your extraction sites have healed and any swelling has subsided.

Dentures are designed to look natural, with porcelain teeth set into an acrylic base, color-matched to your existing teeth and gums. Partial dentures are secured with metal or acrylic clasps that hook onto adjacent healthy teeth, while full dentures rely on a combination of adhesive and suction.

The Benefits of Dentures

Dentures make speaking and eating much easier, which is crucial for your overall health. Proper chewing prevents digestive issues, and replacing lost teeth helps maintain the integrity of the remaining healthy teeth. Dentures also prevent jawbone deterioration and keep your facial structure intact. When gaps from missing teeth are not filled, the surrounding teeth can shift, becoming loose and further compromising your dental health. This shifting can lead to additional tooth loss and accelerated jawbone breakdown. By getting dentures, you can avoid these complications and enjoy a more confident smile.

Full Denture vs. Partial Denture: Which Do You Need?

Determining whether you need a full denture or a partial denture depends on the number of teeth you have lost. A full denture replaces all the teeth in one or both arches of your mouth, while a partial denture is designed to replace a few missing teeth in a specific area. Your dentist will assess your dental health and recommend the best option for you.

Immediate Denture vs. Traditional Denture: What’s the Difference?

Immediate dentures, also known as same-day dentures, are placed immediately after tooth extraction. This option allows you to leave your oral surgeon’s office with a complete smile, reducing the emotional and functional impact of missing teeth. Immediate dentures also help protect the extraction sites from bacteria and food particles, promoting faster healing. However, as your gums heal and the swelling decreases, adjustments to the denture may be necessary to ensure a snug fit.

Traditional dentures, on the other hand, are fitted only after your gums have fully healed post-extraction. This process ensures that the dentures fit perfectly without the need for immediate adjustments.

Adapting to Your New Dentures

It’s normal to experience some initial discomfort as you adapt to your new dentures. They might feel too loose or too tight at first. To avoid any issues, it’s important to visit your dentist for adjustments as soon as you notice any problems. Regular check-ups will ensure that your dentures continue to fit comfortably and function effectively.

Are You a Candidate for Same-Day Dentures?

Not everyone is a candidate for same-day dentures. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and determine if this option is suitable for you. Factors such as the condition of your gums and bone structure play a crucial role in this decision.

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