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It’s not too often that people are excited about a trip to the dentist, but at Your Community Dental we try our very best to make our patients’ visits positive experiences. We believe in providing compassionate, affordable care to all. It is a privilege to be able to take care of our community, and we thank those who have chosen us to be part of their care team. Please take a few moments to read some of our reviews, get to know our staff, and book your own appointment. We always welcome new patients! We serve the entire Wilmington, NC and Cape Fear region. 

“My whole family from grandparents to grand kids have been going there for 20 years now and it has always been professional and an all-around great experience for everyone.” — Dawn Ransom

“I would simply like to take the time to thank Dr. Williams and his assistants. The dentist has been a great fear of mine for years. But over the past few months I’ve had quite a bit of work done and he and the staff has made it one of the most pleasant experiences ever.” — Lisa Riddles

“I drove all the way from Midway Park to their office in Wilmington because, they were the only ones that were accepting Medicaid patients at this point in time. I was greatly disappointed that I had to drive an hour to take my daughter to the dentist. However, after going there and experiencing the professionalism, kindness and courtesy of Dr. Williams, Audrey and the rest of the staff it was well worth the drive.” — James Douglass

 “My daughter Luna (who has behavioral issues) had her first ever dentist appointment here. She was not cooperative and would not open her mouth. Instead of forcing her, they simply gave her a set of plastic teeth with a giant toothbrush and helped her learn how to brush the plastic teeth and then her teeth as well. They made the visit a positive experience for her, they did not make her uncomfortable in the least, so hopefully next time she might be more willing to open her mouth. My daughter was very happy and the technician focused on her in the sweetest way possible. Thanks!” — Catalina A. Ottolina

Best Wilmington NC Dentist

“Dr. Boyd is amazing, I don’t want anyone else to take care of me from now on. She’s great.” — Rave De Rose

“I have been coming here since June 2017. I have had a lot of work done. The care and respect I have had from doctors and staff are amazing. I have a few more sessions till done and my child also comes here and loves it. Thank you all for everything.” — Michelle Deluca 

“I went in today for a routine cleaning, my first with this office. I couldn’t get a sitter for my son (9 months) and was pretty worried how that would go over with the doctors. EVERYONE was so nice and helpful, taking turns to hold my son when he fussed in the stroller, pushing him around, turned on cartoons for him, and even let him sit in my lap/lay on me to breastfeed all while continuing to clean my teeth! It was such a relief to not be made to feel like my son and I were a burden. Not only were they great with my son, they were understanding of how sensitive my teeth are and found things to help numb them without giving me shots. Overall I’m just so thrilled with this office and staff!” — Krislyn Usher

“This office is by far the best dental practice I’ve ever been to. Dr. Williams does excellent work and has the best personality you could ask for. He fully explains the procedures as to where you completely understand what will be done and know exactly what to expect. Charlene, his assistant is wonderful and they make a great team. The entire staff are nice, knowledgeable and very professional and I guarantee you will not regret this choice for your dental needs.” — Mike Kiser

“I want to say thank you for your care, kindness, consideration and respect all the staff have shown.” — Michelle DeLuca

“I had my partials done here. I’m a person who never liked a dentist but I have been going faithfully since starting at Brown and Associates five years ago. I would most definitely refer them to anyone, family and friends.” — Janice Robinson

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