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Tooth Extractions

Getting a tooth removed is a common dental procedure here at Your Community Dental, Brown & Associates and throughout the United States.

A tooth can be extracted for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is because it is impacted. A tooth becomes impacted when it has been prevented from growing normally, by the gums, bone or other teeth. Wisdom teeth commonly become impacted.

Percentage of Americans that have had a Cavity by Age 17

Another reason teeth are extracted, especially in youth and young adults is to make room in the mouth before planning to straighten remaining teeth. Teeth may also be extracted if they are so poorly positioned that they cannot possibly be straightened. A less common reason to extract a tooth is as a cheaper alternative to filling or placing a crown on a decayed tooth.

If you or your child have a condition where a tooth extraction might be called for, please call Your Community Dental at (910)342-9210 to schedule an appointment with us.

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