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Ouch! What To Do About Sensitive Teeth

If you’re someone who experiences sensitive teeth, you may be afraid of sugary foods and drinks, cold beverages, or cold weather. We’ve got some tips for helping you manage the pain that comes from sensitive teeth. 

Old Habits Pie Hard

Your grandmother may make the best pecan pie in the world, but consider finding an alternative dessert. Pies are filled with tons of sugar, which leads to tooth decay. Even worse are fruit pies, which deliver even more sugar that comes naturally from the fruit. If it’s the one time of year to indulge in pie, then try to avoid the fruit pies!

Ice Cream, Your Teeth Scream

Warm, chocolate desserts or a slice of pie with a scoop of ice cream on top may sound like heaven, but your teeth won’t feel the same. Switching between hot and cold substances is sure to exacerbate sensitivity .

Red, red wine

Red wine will definitely stain your teeth for those once-a-year photos, so you may be better off with water! Or snack on some cheese in between sips of wine, as it contains protein that strengthens your teeth.

Drop it like it’s hot

Seriously, let the food cool off before you start eating! It may not matter if the food is particularly sugary or acidic, but piping hot and extremely cold food can cause major pain for your sensitive teeth. Avoid chewing ice, and consider using a straw for cold drinks. Hot coffee, tea, and soup may also aggravate those sensitive teeth. Think ahead for the sake of your teeth, even if your nose is speaking directly to your stomach.

Sweet sweet sugary love

Candy canes, caramels, or any hard or sticky candies are can wreak havoc on those sensitive teeth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself! Try to consume sugary foods with your meals, avoid snacking in-between meals, and drink more water. Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day (consider switching to a sensitive toothpaste) and continue flossing daily!

Sensitive teeth can happen for a number of reasons, including an exposed nerve, a cracked tooth, or receding gums. Even tiny cavities expose nerves in your teeth, so sugary or acidic foods making contact on those exposed nerves can cause pain. If you’re experiencing sensitive teeth, it’s time to talk to your dentist! Your dentist can help determine the cause of sensitivity, provide treatment such as applying fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel or desensitize teeth by applying bonding resin to sensitive root surfaces.

The best way to prevent issues leading to sensitivity is to regularly visit your dentist. Let us worry about your teeth while you focus on the holiday season! Give Your Community Dental a call today at 312.787.2131.