What Are Dental Onlays?

Dental Onlays, Cosmetic DentistrySo, you have a tooth that is damaged and needs support but it’s a little too scratched for a tooth filling and doesn’t need a full blown dental crown, that’s where Dental Onlays come in! It is used to repair sizeable cavities without using a dental crown.


The Dental Onlay is like a partial crown.  They incorporate cusps that cover the surface of the damaged tooth. It is important to know how severe the damages are in a tooth, to prevent worse damages. Dental crowns can cause damages to teeth that do not need them. That’s why options like the Dental Onlay are highly considered at Your Community Dental! It conserves the structure of a tooth and does not eliminate cusps.


When are Dental Onlays used? It is usually used for small to tooth problems that are not severe enough for a dental crown. The Onlay works well for small problems like, mild tooth decay, small fractures, and cracked teeth. If the majority of your tooth is still healthy a Dental Onlay is a good fit.


The Dental Onlay is great for supporting the teeth and overall strengthening. This can strengthen a tooth up to 75 percent. This tooth reconstruction is more stable and last longer than a filling. They can last up to about thirty years if treated with care. More over it is may prevent further dental issues.





The process


  1. Remove decay and damage from the tooth
  2. Make the Onlay with porcelain to match tooth and fit well
  3. Cement Onlay to the tooth with resin adhesive
  4. Polish is applied to finish thing off


To learn more about Dental Onlays and see if they are the right fit for you make an appointment at Your Community Dental! Dr. Brown and his teeth of professionals would love to help you!