Dental Insurance, Medicaid, Dental Health, Oral Health, Healthcare, Your Community Dental

How Will New Healthcare Plans Affect Dental?

Dental Insurance, Medicaid, Dental Health, Oral Health, Healthcare, Your Community Dental

Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare. The talk of new plans are being discussed all around. When you turn on the TV the news probably has someone speaking about new healthcare plans and what is to come. At Your Community Dental, we know how big healthcare is and what a scare it can be waiting to hear what’s next. But with all of the new healthcare laws, bills, and talks of future plans, how will your dental care be affected?


What’s Happening?

Dental Insurance, Medicaid, Dental Health, Oral Health, Healthcare, Your Community Dental

Health insurance is the big debate right now in the White House. Republican senators are working on a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. But what happens will have a huge effect on health insurance. There are several different rumors as to what the plan of action is, and each one will affect healthcare differently. Tuesday, July 25, was the start to a big vote! The debate to repeal and replace Obamacare was in action. The bill was voted on Tuesday afternoon where it was advanced to floor for further discussion. Shortly after, the Senate rejected the proposal to repeal Obamacare. This made emotions run high among many, but was a relief for others. The debate continues and what the outcome will be is still to be determined.


But what about dental? Before Obamacare, dental care for everyone was handled separately from health insurance. The Affordable Care Act introduced coverage for pediatric dental services for many.  Since dental care was not originally apart of healthcare plans, it is possible that it could be discontinued in other plans to keep cost down.


Many people skip dental care because of the cost because dental care can be expensive. Those little fillings and crowns that are commonly needed can be very expensive without dental insurance. But why is dental care not covered in many health care plans?


Medicaid And Medicare Dental Coverage

If Obamacare is replaced, Medicaid will likely be affected. Although Medicaid is a separate issue from the Affordable Care Act, many states expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. With talks of replacing Obamacare, it is uncertain if these expansions will continue. It is likely that the income requirements will be reevaluated.

However, dental services under Medicaid are unlikely to be changed. Child dental care is covered through the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and this program is connected to Medicaid but is completely separate from the Affordable Care Act.

Dental care for adults is very complicated. Medicaid does not provide the same dental care to adults as it does to children. Dental care is not mandatory for adults by federal law through Medicaid. But it is offered by a state-to-state option. Many states offer some coverage, but this might be limited to only emergencies. Fortunately, North Carolina’s Medicaid currently has an extensive dental coverage plan. 

Medicare does not cover most dental services. Simple services like cleaning, exams, and fillings are not covered. The only dental coverage provided by Medicare is emergencies, which are covered though Hospital Insurance.


Medicaid Services
Children and Adults Age Restricted Not Covered
·         Exams, Cleanings, E-Rays

·         Filling

·         Sealants

·         Extractions

·         Dentures

·         Periodontal Surgeries for Gum Disease

·          Limited Periodontal Services

·         Root Canals

·         Stainless Steel Crowns

·         Florida Treatment

·         Orthodontic Services

·         Fixed Bridgework

·         Experimental Procedures

·         Prescription Drugs

·         Implants

·         Cosmetic Procedure


How Does This Affect You?

For family’s who have children enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, pediatric dental care is noting to stress over.  Children currently have access to dental care through Medicaid and this will likely be unaffected. Children will most likely continue to receive the dental care they need despite the current debate over replacing Obamacare.  


Adults are more likely to be affected. The Affordable Car Act expanded the coverage of Medicaid, meaning that if Obamacare is repealed then income requirement could change. This could leave many people without dental coverage. For those who do not qualify for Medicaid, other options are available, but at a cost.


Why Is Dental Care So Important?

Toothache, Dental Insurance, Medicaid, Dental Health, Oral Health, Healthcare, Your Community Dental

Dental care is more than just the perfect smile, but having a smile you can be confident in is more important than most people realize. Having a nice smile and healthy teeth can really tell you a lot about a person. If someone has healthy teeth it shows good hygiene along with strong character traits, like being responsible.

If a person is missing teeth, he or she is often looked at very differently. It can be problematic for a person with missing teeth to find a job or qualify for housing. People with missing teeth or bad oral health suffer socially and financially. Having teeth that you feel confident about is healthy, both physically and mentally. Healthy teeth means confidence. With healthy teeth, it is easier to find jobs, increase earnings, and find housing.

Oral health is also very important to a person’s overall well-being. There have been cases of people dying from problems that derive in the mouth. Simple tooth infections can cause major problems if the infection spreads. Even minor problems like a toothache can cause serious problems to occur. The mouth is located near one of the most important parts of the body: the brain. Eyes and ears are also located by the mouth, which means that oral problems will likely affect these areas as well. Have you ever had a toothache that also cause you to have a headache? That is perfectly normal and is a sign that you need to visit a dentist. The Mayo Clinic reports that the following conditions can be linked to oral health:


  • Endocarditis- When bacteria from an area of the body, such as the mouth, spreads through the blood stream it can attach to the inner lining of your heart.


  • Cardiovascular Disease- Oral bacteria from the mouth can cause infections and inflammation that can cause heart disease, clogged arteries, and strokes.



  • Birth Defects- Gum infections can cause premature birth or low birth weight.



Finding a Dentist that works well for your need and accepts your insurance can be a challenge. Your Community Dental makes it easy by accepting most insurance plans including Medicaid. They strive to encourage people to practice good oral hygiene. Dr. Brown recommends that people visit the dentist every six months. This helps encourage healthy teeth and a confident smile. Schedule an appointment with Your Community Dental today by calling 910-342-9210.