How Will New Healthcare Plans Affect Dental? How Will New Healthcare Plans Affect Dental?

Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare. The talk of new plans are being discussed all around. When you turn on the TV the news probably has someone speaking about new healthcare plans and what is to come. At Your Community Dental, we know how big healthcare is and what a scare it can be... Read More

Best and Worst Foods to Eat this Summer

Summer is here and yummy treats are all around! But how do these beachside snacks affect your teeth? Your Community Dental, in Wilmington, North Carolina has some tips and tricks to enjoying summer treats that will help you keep your smile shining with your pearly whites! We brush and floss and... Read More

Fillings Have Improved Over the Last 13,000 Years!

Fillings have been around for up to 13,000 years. Recently, Archaeologist discovered a 13,000-year-old skeleton with fillings. This the earliest detection of tooth fillings. But once you see those filling you will be glad that they have improved over the years.   Your Community Dental in Wilmington, North Carolina is way... Read More

What Are Dental Onlays?

So, you have a tooth that is damaged and needs support but it’s a little too scratched for a tooth filling and doesn’t need a full blown dental crown, that’s where Dental Onlays come in! It is used to repair sizeable cavities without using a dental crown.   The Dental Onlay is... Read More

Fluoride in Wilmington Water- How Does It Affect Your Teeth!

Water, Water, Water! It is in everything! Living down on the East Coast people are literally surrounded by water. From the basic need to drink water to survive to simple tasks like brushing your teeth or playing in the ocean. Water is everywhere and its effect on human teeth is a... Read More

Fresh Breath For Doing The Things You Love

  FRESH BREATH Don’t let bad breath keep you from doing the things you love. It’s time to act now and stop allowing chronic bad breath to keep you from getting close to others. A quick consultation is all it takes for you to be on the road to having fresh,... Read More

Top 5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Dental Health in 2017

Everyone wants to be confident in his or her smile. We all know good dental hygiene makes for strong, healthy teeth, but there is some confusion on the best practices for maintaining that healthy smile. This is why Your Community Dental has come up with a list of the top 5... Read More

Your Community Dental Has A Brand New Look!

With over 36 years of experience, Dr. Brown and his team of dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants want to bring you quality dental services in North Carolina. Since the establishment of Your Community Dental in Wilmington, patients have found that professional dental services, no matter how intricate, can be stress free.... Read More

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