No Cavity Club

The Power of a Bright, Shiny Smile

Whether it’s an interview or a first date, it’s the smile that usually gets noticed first. Because it says so much about you, it’s hard not to look for the smile—or the lack thereof—first. A smile can be inviting, sweet, curious; it can remind us of someone special, or even make us want to know […]

Your Community Dental Looks at What High-Protein Diets are Doing to Your Teeth

Thinking about your summer body and looking at the possibility of a high-protein, low-carb diet as a strategy to get you that physique back? You might want to think twice, or at least plan to be moderate about your enthusiasm for such a diet! High protein consumption can have negative impacts on your oral health. […]

How Halloween Treats Can Play Tricks on Your Teeth – Using Alternatives to Candy for Trick-or-Treating

It seems that every major holiday has its candy, but perhaps none more so than Halloween. Whether your kids’ stash comes in a pillow sack or a pumpkin named Jack, candy isn’t the reason for the season. Go ahead and bone up on the history of trick-or-treating while and learn about some healthier alternatives you […]

All About The No Cavity Club At Your Community Dental

  Your Community Dental recently started the No Cavity Club to encourage kids to practice good oral hygiene. The No Cavity Club has become quite a hit for Your Community Dental. Kids are coming into the office excited to show off their pearly white teeth. They can’t wait to tell the dentist how well they […]